At Small Creatures we enjoy creating dynamic visuals and marketing packages. We excel at developing projects from the ground up beginning with concept development all the way through post-production and marketing, but the most important aspect of our business is relationship-building with the clients we work with. Our client list is carefully curated in order to ensure that our progressive marketing and branding strategies are the best fit for businesses and organizations so that they stand out from competitors, as well as break new ground in emerging fields, with new businesses and through creative branding strategies.

Our list of clients served over the years includes Forbes 500 companies, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, tech startups, small businesses and much more., and are happy to say this extends to both our clients as well as our crew members.

Below are a few testimonials from our collaborators:

Madison Toal – Marketing Client

“The Small Creatures team have created a couple videos for the non-profit organizations I work for called eMite. They were wonderful to work with! Both Will & Tracy were detailed in their questions before beginning the process so that we were on the same page. We are very happy with the finished products and look forward to continue working with them!”

Jeff Jarvis – Animation Client

“The project we worked with Small Creatures on was to create 2 new videos for our multiple external interactive kiosks around campus. Working with Will and his team was fantastic. We started with a brainstorming session to put together ideas for the videos, what we ultimately wanted to accomplish with the videos and what would look good on the signs. Will’s team put together some initial storyboards for us to look at from our conversations. After selecting one, his team began working on the animation. It was a good back and forth dialogue as the animation took shape. The team was very open to making the changes that we wanted until we had a final video that looks fantastic on our signs. They were also able to take a second idea that we had and turn into another eye catching animation.I would highly recommend the Small Creatures team for their professionalism, their quality of work and their great customer service.”

Andy Zipf – Marketing + Creative Consultation + Production Client

“I have worked with Small Creatures on four occasions. Twice with my band The Cowards Choir and once with The Parlor Sessions. In each circumstance, Will Davis has paid careful attention to capturing what we do in the most expressive, artful way. When collaborating with him on a promo campaign for The Cowards Choir EP, I told him to be as creative as he wanted to be because I absolutely trust him to deliver…and he has every single time. Will gets it. I haven’t had to explain anything to him. He understands because he’’s tapped into, and draws from the same well. I look forward to working with Small Creatures much more!”

Briana Chase – Commercial Client

“I cannot express the love I have for the video that Will and Small Creatures created for me. Will went above and beyond everything I could have imagined.He worked with me so well! Had my video ready to present on time even though he had many other videos to film. I was really nervous and he continually calmed my nerves and allowed me to take a break in between videoing.If you are on the fence about choosing Will and Small Creatures, jump off the fence and choose YES!!!!”

Stephen Warwick – Marketing + Music Video Client

“Small Creatures’ creative visions and ability to get to the core of a song have brought my band’s music to life visually for the past 5 years. Their willingness to pour their heart and soul into projects no matter how big or small shows the true nature of their spirit.”

Brandon Brown – Marketing + Production Client

“Very wonderful company to work with. They are very professional and friendly and their work is extremely quality. I would definitely recommend them for others and I am glad that I have been able to work with them.”

Kim Wallis – Production Client

“Small Creatures is a pleasure to work with. Very professional but also so personable. Very sensitive to the nervousness that comes with being on film, he took the time to make us feel comfortable and guide us through the process. They also took extra time to understand what we were looking for in the final product and find out the kind of people that we were so that our personalities would shine in the video. I would recommend them to others looking to make a video. Thanks!”

Sarah Lipp – Marketing + Production Client

“Will and his colleagues were EXCELLENT! They produced a perfect corporate orientation video for our company that is both informative yet modern. They did an excellent job with visually providing intrigue and capturing the information we needed. They picked perfect spots to shoot and made the process easy and fun! Definitely recommend to other companies to use for any professional video that you do not want as “typical”, “boring” or “corporate”. They are excellent!”

Derek Donovan – Creative Consultation Client

“Just one written and one-on-one creative consultation with Small Creatures and my script is thorough, accurate and realistic. The written critique provided was extremely thorough, honest (no sugarcoating) and in-depth. Their ability to clearly pinpoint weak/strong areas, give a unique point of view, explain why something does/doesn’t work and offer suggestion for improvement was spot on. For an example of how thorough the feedback…they pointed out a specific type of tree I should use in one shot with detailed reasoning why. You’ll get a full review of all components: concept, story structure, story development, characters, dialogue and writing style. Their feedback encourages you to exceed excellent, expand your skill set and dig deep in order to develop something special. This consultation has made me a stronger scriptwriter and revised my attention to detail.”

Melissa Turnbull – Creative Consultation + Design Client

“I would highly recommend Small Creatures for their Website Development services. When I wanted to create a website for my photography business, I had no clue where to start. I knew the look and feel I wanted the site to have, but did not know how to go about securing a domain or creating the actual site. They really took the time to understand what I was looking for and kept me highly involved throughout the process, which I loved! They were very thorough and wanted to make sure I was 100% satisfied with the results.

It was my intention to maintain the site once it was created, so they went above and beyond and created a document of “shortcuts” for me to refer to when trying to manipulate the site once it was live. Even after the work was complete, they were always willing to answer any questions I might have.

I am very pleased with my website and have received a lot of positive feedback from my clients! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for website development.”

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