In the spirit of gift-giving and Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa, Small Creatures is proud to present GIFTAWAY 2013!

With deals better than Black Friday + Cyber Monday combined, GIFTAWAY 2013 is guaranteed to be the single-most satisfying gift-giving/receiving program the world over! How do we say that, you ask? It’s simple, all our gifts are FREE!!!

For the month of December we’ll be offering loads of Free & Unique gifts created by us for you!

To get a gift, all you have to do is 1) Have a friend/family member follow Small Creatures’ Facebook page & 2) Email & mention your name!

And like the ’12 Days of Christmas’, we’re offering our very own version of goodies for the number of times your name is mentioned, each more awesome than the next. That means the more times your name is mentioned, the more spectacular a gift you’ll receive! Here’s how it works: when 1 person emails your name you’ll be listed on Day 1 of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ GIFTAWAY. When someone else emails your name you’ll move up to Day 2 for an awesomer prize, and so on. Check out the poster below for the gift options!!


Because the holidays are a great time for looking forward and back, if you’re already following us thanks to someone, email us their names at and we’ll share a gift with them as well!

To top it off, every new follower will be entered into a drawing to receive a free gift as well!

All gifts will be Created, Wrapped & Mailed to you or someone of your choice as a Christmas gift at NO CHARGE!!! If you’re in need of a little holiday cheer, or want to send a superior gift to one of your friends without the hassle of shopping or spending a dime, GIFTAWAY 2013 is a perfect fit!!

UPDATE: GIFTAWAY 2013 Completed!!

After many drawings, a couple strange phone calls and a Skype chat with a puppet, Small Creatures has officially delivered all its prizes for GIFTAWAY 2013 to our followers…being our inaugural year, we were extremely excited to see how many followers participated and can’t wait to continue the tradition at the end of 2014!

GIFTAWAY-2013-DrawingsA few of the original drawings created & mailed to the Small Creatures contingency throughout the Southeast United States and beyond. 

Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see more examples of the work we were proud to create!

Thanks for helping make GIFTAWAY 2013 a success, and we look forward to sharing more gifts with you this year!